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Adeel A. Shah, CEO of TelniaSoftAdeel A. Shah is the Chairman and CEO, of TelniaSoft, Inc and the world renowned author of Sandstorm: a leaderless revolution in the digital age, the first book about the Arab Spring and social media.  Adeel has a long, distinguished career in which he has formulated  and successfully executed strategic plans for international and domestic commercial firms. His relationships with investment banks, securities companies, and venture capital markets give him the capability to successfully fund companies at various stages of development. His strong leadership ability, sophisticated management skills, and in-depth industry knowledge allow him to develop and grow companies from incubation through public or M&A exits. His extensive network with C-class corporate executives, international investors, international bankers, senior government officials, and high quality professional community give TelniaSoft’s clients excellent reach into funding sources as well as new customers.

He is primarily involved in raising private equity, catering to high net worth individuals, financial institutions, corporations, governments/quasi-governmental organizations and family businesses.  Adeel is also actively involved in originating business deals and assisting with the deal-structuring process. He works closely with client companies to understand their specific requirements, leveraging the capabilities and expertise throughout the institutional and individual networks to provide strategic solutions to meet these requirements.

With an educational background in International Public Policy from SAIS-University of Johns Hopkins USA and MBA from Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins, Adeel is very familiar about local and global business and marketing issues. He serves on various corporate boards including NGOs. He is a founding president of US-Pakistan Business Council (before associating with the US Chamber) and currently is the Vice Chairman of US-Pakistan Business Council, an affiliate member of US Chamber of Commerce Washington, DC. A council well recognized by senior most government officials of US and Pakistan governments and the political leadership Adeel has also been either part of or led several business delegations to foreign countries including Thailand, Hungry, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, Romania, and UAE. He frequently writes articles on business and geo-political issues for major news papers and interviewed by major networks including, PTV, and CNN.

Adeel is a Serial Entrepreneur:

Started his carrier, 1995, with creating a government marketing department in a small company called Cenna International from ground up and successful acquired and executed hundreds of contracts for United States Department of Defense.  Heavily involved in export-imports.

Founded and fully developed Telnia Corporation, 1999.  Successfully built ATM portfolio company.  After setting up a successful company, few years later the portfolio was sold to a larger privately held investment company in NY. Launched TelniaSoft, a business process outsourcing company, 2006, with office in Karachi, carving out a niche specializing in servicing smaller US companies such as Popeye, IHOP, and hospitality management companies. Acquired funding from VCs.  The company is on a growing path.

Currently, Adeel is Managing Director of Sweetwater Holdings,, specializes in structuring larger projects, capital raising from institutions, managing corporate and government relation.

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