Dairy Industry: An Interview with Adeel Shah

With stress on scientific management, Pakistan could become dairy exporting country.

WASHINGTON, Jan 30 (APP)- In Pakistan, enormous prospects of Expansion of dairy industry exist, says a study carried out by a US company charter member of US-Pakistan Business Council (USPBC), affiliate of US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

These prospects exist in dairy farming, food processing and cattle farming. Disclosing this, Adeel A. Shah, Vice Chairman of the USPBC told APP in an interview on Sunday that “with necessary scientific management, there could be an appreciable increase in dairy production, to the extent that Pakistan could easily become a dairy exporting country in neighboring region.”
Pakistan is the fifth largest milk producing country, but as per international standards, its dairy production unfortunately, is very low,” he stated. Adeel Shah, who led a four-member delegation to Pakistan from January 9 to 19, said that during the visit, an American company had presented scientific studies which will significantly improve dairy production in Pakistan in near future. The company is considering forging joint ventures with local partners to help the industry actualize its potential.

The delegation visited Lahore, Sialkot, Okara and Islamabad. He said a normal cow in Pakistan yields approximately 16-17 pound milk per day, while a cow in the United States produces 65 pounds of milk daily. Due to mal-nutrition and under feeding of a cow or buffalos, its weight is also low, and with a systematic feed, some 60-70 percent increase in weight gain could be achieved, and consequently, meat production would increase.

On the other hand, the welfare of those rearing cattle heads could be ensured by making a positive change in their earnings and improved living. He said the gaps in dairy industry have been identified and the study reveals that “there are enormous prospects in dairy farming, food processing and cattle farming.” The delegation’s next visit to Pakistan is likely in March ’05. Responding to a question, he said an improvement in industrial production, and achievement of a boost in the sectors of agriculture, IT and housing is very much possible.
He said Pakistan does not lack in liquidity, but there certainly is lack of technology and management.

Adeel Shah is the first president of the USPBC, which he helped, set up along with Dr. Riaz Chaoudhry, Dr. Chuhan, and other business friends in June 2001; and he got it affiliated with the reputed U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The main purpose of such an affiliation, he stated was that Pakistani-Americans could interact with the U.S. mainstream.

He is also a chairman of MD- based Telnia Corporation. He said in conducting visits of interested U.S. entrepreneurs and firms, his main objective is to seek transfer of technology and management to Pakistan. He disclosed that in the month of November last, a Virginia-based U.S. company, WolrdBridge, started setting up IT enabling technology company in Lahore. This is the same team, led by Mr. Khlasa, which had pioneered call centre phenomena in India in the Nineties. The company is focused to replicate the same phenomenon is Pakistan. Within four month, the company has already brought Dish Network, a US customer to Pakistan and is in the process of brining in large US customers to Pakistan. Once large US customers have started coming in Pakistan, the confidence level in the local economy will improve significantly.

In the venture, UBL, Rupali Polyester and Dawood Leasing have partnership, he stated, while he was a member of the board and the chairman of Strategy Committee of WorldBridge Connect, Inc. He stated that UBL investment banking has played a leading role to attract US companies to Pakistan. Kashif of UBL has understood the type of role required by the bank to attract the US companies which are rich in management experience, use advance technology, and seek international markets.
He said that he mainly focuses on 2nd tier U.S. companies which seek new markets for more growth. He stated, now Pakistan is the land of opportunities and American companies must take full advantage of it. The process of “investing in each other” is bound to cement long lasting diplomatic relationship between the two countries. The people will interact with each to achieve a common goal of befitting each other- any other relationship tends to be temporary in nature.

He disclosed that two U.S. companies are likely to visit Pakistan shortly to invest in mid-priced hotel chain, and to create housing complex for Pakistani-Americans, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). Such a venture would be instrumental in attracting the well off Pakistani Americans to
re-establish their links and contribute towards Pakistan‘s economy, so that Pakistanis could also benefit from their prosperity.

To a question, he said in the wake of economic reforms and prudent policies, the state of Pakistan‘s macro economy has shown signs of improvement. Adeel Shah particularly praised Pakistan government’s favorable investment policies, and urged it was necessary to take advantage of this conducive environment. He said Pakistan‘s economic fundamentals have shown positive signs of growth, and the actual lasting economic strides are gauged from registered growth in production, which leads to prosperity, ensuring better education and living.

“With due stress on increase in productivity, we could easily tide over many of the confronted handicaps and hardships,” he added.


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