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Sandstorm distills how social media played a role in creating a global generation that catalyzed a historic “leaderless revolution” in the greater Middle East. The Arab Spring, notably Tunisia and Egypt, harnessed the power of social media as a means to facilitate the grievances of the masses. Pervasive unemployment, endemic poverty and widespread corruption finally compelled the people in the region to mobilize and demand change. The speed of technology, with its aggregation of social media across multiple platforms transformed the people’s protest into a geopolitical movement. The youth created a change so powerful that its demand for economic growth and prosperity can no longer be ignored.  This book recognizes this new reality and emphasizes the power of social media as a means to unify disparate voices for the creation of a new social and economic contract.
Author Bios:

Adeel A. Shah
Adeel Shah is the Chairman and CEO of TelniaSoft, Inc.  Adeel has a long, distinguished career in which he has formulated  and successfully executed strategic plans for international and domestic commercial firms. With an educational background in International Public Policy from SAIS- Johns Hopkins and MBA from Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins, Adeel has been invited to consult with governmental institutions, dignitaries, political action committees, former presidents of developing nations, and NGOs – to name a few. He serves on various corporate boards and NGO boards. He is a co-founder and former President of US-Pakistan Business Council (before associating with the US Chamber of Commerce) and is currently the Vice Chairman of US-Pakistan Business Council, an affiliate member of US Chamber of Commerce Washington, DC. Adeel has been part of and led several business delegations to foreign countries including Thailand, Hungry, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, Romania, and UAE. He frequently writes articles on business and geo-political issues for major newspapers and has been interviewed by Bloomberg, Washington Times, CNN, and GeoTv to name a few.  Adeel’s work primarily involves raising private equity from high net worth individuals, financial institutions, corporations, governments/quasi-governmental organizations and family businesses.

Sheheryar T. Sardar, Esq.
Sheheryar Sardar is a lawyer and founding member of Sardar Law Firm LLC, a New York City boutique firm focused on corporate law, digital media, venture capital and emerging markets.  Having traveled and lived in Paris, Prague, Kuwait and Pakistan, Sheheryar has a unique global perspective on the intersection of economic development, law, technology and civil governance. Prior to founding SLF, Sheheryar assisted Senior Counsel at The Coca-Cola Company in its Marketing Division, analyzing complex vendor licensing agreements and Fortune 500 corporate partnership contracts.  He also spent time in-house at Scientific Atlanta – A Cisco Company, where he analyzed telecommunication technology licensing contracts and assessed expansion strategies of broadband technology into new geographic areas.  Sheheryar’s international experience was obtained at the Prague-based law firm Kriz & Belina, where his work included analyzing technology licensing, joint venture agreements, and European bilateral investment treatises.  A thought leader on social media and international business, Sheheryar publishes Global Deal Flow, a news portal and blog, and is a nominated board member of the International Trade Committee of the New York City Bar Association. Sheheryar has been interviewed by Voice of America on social media law and stock trading and is a published author on numerous international law industry journals. Sheheryar received his J.D. from Emory University and has done coursework at the University of Paris. You can follow him on twitter @shezisardar.
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