Author, Business Builder, Investor.

Building cross national businesses in hardware, services and sustainable development.
Experienced in building businesses and raising funds in emerging economies, including South Asia, United States, and the Middle East.

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Bloomberg TV
invited by Bloomberg TV to discuss the unrest in Egypt. As theorized, the president of Egypt resigned the next day.

Speaker, University of Pennsylvania School of Law
Discussing the cross section of international law, business, and the digital age.

Speaker, Columbus State University, Georgia
Guest speaker to discuss his book Sandstorm: a leaderless revolution in the digital age, the Middle East, and the Arab Spring.

Voice of America
Developing business in emerging economies.

Smart CEO Magazine
Discussing the power of networking.
Speaks to Nawreen Mangi at BLOOMBERG on this issue: The Pakistani diaspora is “underutilized,” said Adeel Shah, a member of the Washington-based U.S.-Pakistan Business Council. “Pakistanis residing in the U.S. can contribute a lot if they can find a credible vehicle through which they can identify serious projects and get better returns.”

MoneyLine, CNN
Speaks to CNN’s Tim O’Brien on Pakistan’s textile industry due to the war in Afghanistan


Adeel A. Shah is a successful business innovator and investor with experience in building cross national businesses via the United States, South Asia, and the Middle East and raising capital at an international scale. His work as varied from developing sustainable development focused dairy farms in Pakistan with US investors to securing funding and launching renewable energy projects in India. He has formulated and successfully executed strategic plans for international and domestic commercial firms. His relationships with investment banks, securities companies, and venture capital markets give him the capability to successfully fund companies at various stages of development. His recent projects include expanding VentureForceGlobal, a BPO and payroll venture, from the US and Pakistan to the Middle East. Adeel's in-depth industry knowledge and network allow him to develop and grow companies from incubation through public or M&A exits. He is the author of several articles on how foreign policy affects investment in growing economies, as well as the first book on how social media affected the Arab Spring - titled Sandstorm: a leaderless revolution in the digital age.

Adeel has led several business delegations to foreign countries including Thailand, Hungry, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, Romania, and UAE.

He is primarily involved in raising private equity, catering to high net worth individuals, financial institutions, corporations, governments/quasi-governmental organizations and family businesses. Adeel is also actively involved in originating business deals and assisting with the deal-structuring process. He works closely with client companies to understand their specific requirements, leveraging the capabilities and expertise throughout the institutional and individual networks to provide strategic solutions to meet these requirements.

With an educational background in International Public Policy from SAIS-University of Johns Hopkins USA and MBA from Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins, Adeel is very familiar about local and global business and marketing issues. He serves on various corporate boards including NGOs.


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